Turbine control system

The TURBCSD is suitable as turbine control system for existing units (retrofit) and new units.
Operator benefits:

  • Extension of turbine service life due to HFBA (temperature dependant start-up program)
  • Significantly reduced breakdown susceptibility
  • Improvement of control behaviour (efficiency, stability, guiding behaviour)
  • Coupling of turbine control to PLC
  • Extension of control functions, diagnosis and parameter setting without turbine shutdown.

Turbine control functions

Standard functions:

  • Speed control (frequency control)
  • Power control
  • Life steam control
  • Extraction control
  • Over speed protection
  • Monitoring of pressure and temperature

Optimal functions:

  • Valve coordination
  • Load control
  • Data capture

Turbine protection functions which can be integrated:

  • Monitoring of vibration
  • Monitoring of axial position

Turbine control options / Additional functions if required:

  • Full redundant frequency signal
  • Redundancy of speed and protection controls
  • Hot-swap (without turbine shut down)

Further options on request

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