Engineering Services

  • Maintenance planning
  • Design and calculation of turbo machinery parts
  • Pressure reducing stations
  • Planning of the electrics and I&C technology
  • Design of complete STG systems
  • Preparation of complete technical documentation such as:
  1. P&I diagrams (control & instrumentation diagrams)
  2. Measuring point  / electrical consumer lists
  3. Piping / valves & fittings list
  4. System descriptions, operating instructions, etc.

Development and modernization of the turbo set

  • Conversion measures to improve the machine efficiency
  • Conversion of mechanically / hydraudically controlled turbo groups to state-of-the-art digital–electronic control, protection and visualization
  • Optimization of start-up processes
  • Online machine diagnosis
  • Modernisation of components and subsystems
  1. We would like to share our wealth of experience with operators of turbo groups in the field of industry and utility power station in order to optimize their plants.


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