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Turbine Manufacture

Steam Turbines are one of the principal products of General Turbo S.A.  Our company has a dynamic and advanced Research and Development Department, as well as an innovative Design Department. We are therefore capable of achieving a wide range of turbines with powers ranging from 1MW up to 700MW.

The wide range turbines may be split into the following categories:

A - Industrial turbines

B – Backpressure and adjustable steam bleeding turbines

C – Condensing and adjustable steam bleeding turbines

D – Pure condensing turbines

  • Blade Production

We manufacture all kinds of action blades, reaction blades with a length of up to 1040mm.

Complete machining of blades in a single setup: on 5-sided and up to 5-axis-simultinius.

Our quality control includes high precision measurement devices.

  • Blade manufacturing
  1. by drawing
  2. by reverse engineering of a sample
007.jpg 1.jpg 11.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 345876.jpg 66776.jpg 7.jpg Bild6.jpg Casing pressure test.jpg Diafragme turbina abur.jpg IMG_0405.jpg ROTOR IP 330 MW.jpg Rough-machining-of-rotor.jpg Superioara turbina 700 MW.jpg p13-04.jpg